Pointed Chisel TE-HX SM

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  • Self-sharpening tip – work more efficiently and for longer with the same chisel, no resharpening or rehardening necessary (minimum penetration depth of 5 cm / 2" recommended)
  • Reduce jamming – innovative wave design minimizes side contact and maximizes dust extraction
  • Ultra-robust – inductive hardening makes these chisels especially resistant to mushrooming, wear and bending
  • Higher-speed demolition – the distinctive shank shape makes bigger, deeper cracks in concrete, helping you get the job done much faster
  • Built for tough jobs – tested for extreme use, our chisels are made to power through your most demanding demolition work
  • Demolishing concrete, brick or block
  • Creating new openings at any position within the slab
  • Creating new openings at any position within the slab


Pointed chisel TE-HX SM 40

  • Item Number: 2254657
  • # of items in Package: 1

Pointed chisel TE-HX SM 50

  • Item Number: 2254658
  • # of items in Package: 4


  • Connection end: TE-H (Hilti HEX 28)
  • Product class: Ultimate